Welcome to the Chronicles!

This blog is dedicated to the brave men and women (and other creatures) who live everyday in the online community of Paragon City, home of the City of Heroes and City of Villains.

The main character in the Chronicles is Battlerock X, a seasoned veteran of Paragon City. For years he spent wandering the streets of Paragon City as a derelict, not knowing that he was really a superhero, much less one of the original members of the famed Omega Team that was presumed killed during the first Rikti War in 2002. It was only recently, during the start of the Rikti Invasion of 2007, that he realized who he really was, and that he has started to piece together the missing years of his life.

This blog will have thoughts, news, videos, and backstories to the various characters in Paragon City and the neighboring Rogue Isles. Some will be good guys, fighting the good fight. Others will be criminals, people whose ambitions are sometimes greater than their means.

City of Heroes/City of Villains - or CoX as some like to call it - is more than just solving missions and beating people up. It's also about community, and the CoX world has everything from online radio stations to a whole marketplace where people buy, sell, and trade online. (Note for any luddite government official: no actual currency is used in CoX markets and market activity cannot be converted to real-world use. So leave your greedy hooves alone!) Great teams are created here. This is where legends are made, and you can help make the legendary heroes of tomorrow.

For those who would like to join in, click on the banner below for more information about the game, and look for some of the characters on the various servers.

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