Update on free character transfers

Due to overwhelming demand and use of the free server transfers for all characters, the program has been extended until February 28th.

Click here to read the details from the developers as well as the conditions for the transfers.

Guardians Update

Just to let you know, Issue #7 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series is now online at the Guardians website.

This is a 2-part story dealing with Midnight Arachnia. Is she a hero? A spy? Or a traitor? And what is her connection to the City of Villains? The answer may surprise you.


GotD Issue 6 is online

Issue #6 of the Guardians of the Dawn is now officially online over at the Guardians website.

We have the Winter Event, mutated reindeer, snow creatures, Baby New Year, Father Time, gang members, fire, ice, comedy, political intrigue, and action! And all in one issue!

So what are you waiting for? Click on the cover and make sure your PDF reader is up-to-date!