Announcement: The City of Commercials contest!

This message comes from a friend over at w00t Studios, from a modest little idea originally dreamed up and hyped up by Battlerock X (who also came up with most of the rules).

THE PLAYER EVENT RESOURCE COMMITTEE in association with w00t Studios
Proudly Presents:


Here are the rules:

1. All entries must be a 25-45 second commercial promoting the City of Heroes or City of Villains franchise. Max
video size is 10 MB and can be in any format for quality sake.

2. All entries must be posted on www.w00tstudios.net for consideration. Entrants will need a user account to post videos. Only one entry per person please.

3. Any medium can be used (ex.: live action, gameplay, cartoon). Participants are encouraged to use as much original content as possible. Entries can incorporate certain elements of previous videos released by NCsoft or other players, but cannot consist solely of such reproduced footage.

4. Entries cannot use obvious rip-offs of copyright-protected characters (in other words, no Superman look-a-likes, no Wolverine clones, no Hulk clones, etc). This rule does not apply to the use of established "City of" characters (i.e. Statesman, Lord Recluse, etc).

5. All entries submitted via www.w00tstudios.net , need to be linked back to the City of ___ Forums, in the Multi-Media~City of Heroes/Villains forum, in the post marked City of Commercial Contest Entries. Entries will be separated into Hero and Villain categories.

6. The contest entries will be accepted from February 17, 2008 through March 16, 2008. Public judging will run from March 17-22, 2008. Finalists will be judge from March 23-28, 2008. Winner will be announced March 29, 2008.

Prizes will be given to the top 5 entries for both Hero and Villains:

Grand Prize:

1 Statesman Statue and 1 Wootie Owl(for heroes)
1 Lord Recluse Statue and 1 Wootie Owl(for villains)


1 T-shirt (not all sizes available)
1 Battle Poster (signed by any dev that Ex/LH can get their hands on)
1 Wootie Owl

Honorable Mention

1 Bumper Sticker/Comic Book pack

The gauntlet has been thrown, will you pick it up and run with it?

Common Q/A:

Q: I have no clue how to make a video-- HELP!
A: The Feb. 8th edition of the City Scoop had a nice write-up on how to make a video. Also you can find player guides linked in the Multi-Media forums.

Q: What time does the judging start/end and what zone does the judging operate on?
A: All times are Midnight ET

Q: Uh, what do you mean by public judging?
A: There will be a poll set up onwww.w00tstudios.netfor you, the general public to judge all the entries received. We will take the top 15 favorites (hero and villain) from there and judge them in the finals.

Q: Who will be judging the finalists?
A: No less then 4 PERC members will be judging the finals.

Q: What will the finalists be judged on?
A: We will be judging on 4 aspects. Originality, Professionalism, Creativity, and Commercialism. This is a COMMERCIAL contest, not a music video contest. Make sure that you sell, sell, sell!

Q: If I win, how will I get my prize?
A: If you win, be prepared for a member of PERC to contact you for your shipping address. I promise not to stalk you.

Q: Will I need to register for this contest?
A: The only registration that you will need to complete is for the CoH forums and www.w00tstudios.net.

Q: I have 2 commercials one for heroes and one for villains, can I enter both?
A: No, pick your favorite and post it--- share the other in the multi-media forum!

Q: Rose you are awesome, can I get a date?
A: I will think about it.... but I don't like catgurls.

Q: How will you contact the winners?
A: A PM will be sent to the CO__ forum name of the winning entry. At that time, be prepared to supply your shipping address.

Q: Why do I need to link my video after it's been uploaded on w00t's website?
A: We need a way to contact you.

Q: Boy, this is a lot of questions and answers to type out... are your hands tired?
A: Yes, I am going to stop presuming now, and let you come up with your own questions... if you need to- feel free to contact any member of PERC and they will get back to you with an answer, or post! We like to answer posts!


You are invited...

After years of coy banter and close encounters, Paragon City heroes Manticore and Sister Psyche will finally tie the knot on February 14th, 2008. (More details about the wedding are here.)

Their relationship was made official in the City of Heroes comic book's final issue, when Manticore fired a proposal-arrow to Sister Psyche and she eagerly said yes. Since then, the social circles had eagerly anticipated the wedding announcement.

Paragon Pundit, the Chronicle's newest reporter, interviewed several current and some former Paragon City residents about their reaction to the news.

Battlerock X (First Rikti War survivor, Omega Team): I don't remember much after the first invasion, but I do have some memories of those two before the war. Manitcore was always cocky and a bit of a horndog, but somehow he wasn't that way around Sister Psyche. Likewise, she wouldn't react the same way around him as she would if anyone else cast a stray thought about her outfit or her demeanor. If I wasn't already married, I probably would have given a few private thoughts of my own. Anyway, I'm glad those two are getting married.

J-Star (Guardians of Might): It's about time those two got hitched! I wonder if I'll get an invitation?

Herald Prime (Former physics professor): This news is meaningless. The discovery of THE PRIME is more important.

Lexie Lothora (former CEO of LexieTech, currently in Rogue Isles): It would be best if I said nothing.

Jen Glamour (former model, currently in Rogue Isles): It's not fair! Not her! Not that witch! Not after what she did to me to ruin my life! Her and J-Star! They ruined my life! She better make sure that ceremony is someplace safe!

T'Vrg (visiting mixed-species cyborg): I have researched these things called "weddings" and I have concluded that they are a waste of time.

Toxic Primadonna (former pop-star, currently in Rogue Isles): You know, I got married once. It was in Las Vegas, and I was SO DRUNK that I didn't even realize that I was doing it! By the way, where's MY invitation?

ReverendNeoCon (former talk show host, currently in exile in Rogue Isles): It's about time that those two did the right thing and got married! They've only been living in sin all this time, violating the laws of God and society. It's about time that they stopped denying the pull of the institution and succumbed to its mighty splendor. I would otherwise be welcome to officiate their union, however I am told that the liberalistas are looking for me and have plans to take me down if I show up there.



Yes, the Paragon Pundit (a.k.a. "He who Chronicles") is planning on being there as well.