Killstealing... what a pain!

What's killstealing? That's when you're fighting a bad guy and someone else comes in and makes the killing move and takes your experience points. Sometimes it's done by accident... but other times it's done by people just passing through. To many gamers it's considered a real pain.

Check out this video to see what I mean...

(Thanks to the folks at Moon Hill Productions for the video.)

A few things about killstealing...

1. Originally the person making the kill would get all the XP, but now if you help out you just get 1XP when the opponent falls. So it's not the total loss that it used to be.

2. There are plenty of opponents to trounce in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Don't think that you have an "exclusive" on a whole gang of thugs just because you're just a few bars away from the next level. If you're not fighting them, then they're fair game to anyone else.

3. If you really want to help another player, it's best to use the powers that can either heal or boost that player or use the powers that can hinder but not harm the opponent. Powers that confuse, dazzle, disorient, or contain the opponent help.

Remember guys, the "MM" in MMORPG means "MASSIVE MULTI-PLAYER". Don't think that this is your exclusive game.

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