More i16 goodness

How about a low-level character in the Rikti War Zone? Impossible? Not in the Testing Paraverse for Issue 16 beta!

Again, note the color changes. Illusion/Radiation have different colors, but here everything is purple to match the character.


Power Customization demo

Someone was very helpful in doing a quick demo video of the color changes in the power customization feature of the forthcoming Issue 16, which is right now in Open Beta.

Watch more videos of CoH & CoV

Now if you could get your eyes off the sexy Mohawk girl's butt for a moment... I should point out that currently a Radiation/Energy combination would have much different colors. Blasts are normally blue-white. Radiation is green. Punches are yellow-white, with a glow, not with ringed auras.

Now here's the ACTUAL in-game demo of the creation process...

And on the villain side..

i16 in action against the 5th Column..

And that's all coming!

Thanks goes to KitsuneKnight for the customization videos and Zloth for the wegame demo.


Catastrophe Versus Catastrophe!

The latest episode in the "Ask Captain Catastrophe" series is up... and it's bigger than YouTube could handle!!!

Ask Captain Catastrophe - Episode 11: Bases

Can Captain Catastrophe save the day? Wait... that doesn't sound right, does it?


Instability Ahead! BLAME THE MONKEYS! (Updated)

(Update listed below)

Heads up heroes and villains!

There were some serious issues with two of the servers during this past weekend's Double XP activity. We're talking two universes in the Paraverse that are normally NOT heavily occupied.

So first the great gods of Paragon Studios cranked out a new patch that was so urgent they even shut down half the whole Paraverse EARLY.

Now they're making the unprecedented step of ROLLING IT BACK!

Why? Because the patches created new fatal flaws that are crashing the Paraverse.

Blame the Rikti Monkeys, folks. That's what the fatal error messages say. Seriously. It can't find Rikti Monkeys, so it's crashing everything.

"It's working! They will finally do our bidding! Bwahahahahahahaha!!"
"Dude, you need a shower."
"Shut up! That's the sweet smell of VICTORY you're getting a whiff of!"
"Smells more like Rikti Chili."
"Aren't we supposed to be ADVANCED?"
"The only thing that is advanced about him is his STENCH!"

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 08/05: Paragon Studios have announced they have fixed the patch (and neutered the monkeys) and will try to re-employ the build at 8AM EST on 04/06.

UPDATE 08/09: The rebuilt patch has been installed. There will be two more fixes being put on on Monday (08/10) and Tuesday (08/11).

Captain Catastrophe retakes the show!

Paragon City's legendary team-killer tries to make up for lost time with this new episode in the "Ask Captain Catastrophe" series.

But once again, the handiwork of his brother can be seen.

Special guest appearances by Major Catastrophe, DATA director Rick Davies, Freedom Corps Field Agent Kim, and MangaBlader! Oh, and a quick word from Crey Industries as well.