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Here’s the list of current CoX characters that will be featured here in the Chronicles. They are divided by game servers and by the City of Heroes or City of Villains designation. For details on the nature of the powers and origins for each character, visit Paragon Wiki. I’m also including the affiliation of those who are in a supergroup.

Justice Server - City of Heroes

Battlerock X (Natural Tanker): invulnerable/super-strength – Tenth generation Battlerock warrior and a support member of the legendary Omega Team that was originally presumed killed during the Rikti Invasion of 2002. He spent five years roaming around as an amnesiac derelict before remembering who he really was.

J-Star (Magic Scrapper): martial arts/super-reflexes – A former glamour magazine model that used her training with the Order of Equius to stay fit and to hold her own in various extreme endurance contests. She became a crimefighter after single-handedly stopping a gang of shoplifters. (Member: Guardians of Might)

Herald Prime (Science Controller): gravity control/force field – A scientist that considers himself to be a forerunner to an even greater being (Superion Prime) that would come from the future to save the present.

Carrie Starwave (Technology Blaster): energy blasts/energy manipulation – An MIT graduate who was smart enough to create her own weapons. She likes to tell people that she’s an alien when she’s really just a human with a mind on ultra-tech. (Member: Guardians of Might)

KDave (Science Tanker): invulnerable/super-strength – He originally was a skinny kid who barely weighted 100lbs and was the subject of much harassment in high school. Obsessed with bulking himself up, he engaged in a risky experimental program that turned him into a seven-foot behemoth of muscle.

Battlerock Babe (Natural Tanker): invulnerability/super-strength – The daughter of Battlerock X who spent five years training for the day she could pick up where her father left off. She has no idea that her father is still alive. Although she has similar archetype and origin, she has started to develop different abilities from her father.

Superion Prime (Natural Tanker): invulnerable/super-strength – Born in present-day, Superion Prime was actually created 1000 years in the future and brought back in time to save the Earth from a future crisis involving the Rikti. (Member: Guardians of Might)

T’Vrg (Technology Blaster): electrical blast/electrical manipulation – A hybrid of alien and robotic origins, T’Vrg came to Earth seeking answers to her past through the remnants of Rikti technology.

FyreLife (Mutant Controller): fire control/empathy – FyreLife is a recent hero. Her latent mutant powers did not kick in until the start of the Rikti Invasion of 2007 when she and her fiancée were trying to save the life of a fallen hero. A Rikti bomb killed the hero and her fiancée, but she survived unharmed. She wears the tattered paramedic jacket in honor of her fiancée.

Justice Server – City of Villains

Jen Glamour (Mutant Dominator): mind control/psionic assault – A bitter rival of J-Star, Jen Glamour was another glamour model who became an abusive primadonna who abused special chemicals to keep her artificially-generated perfect physique intact. It was J-Star who helped expose Jen’s secrets and send her to the Zig. She has vowed revenge against her glamour rival. (Member: S.V.F.L.)

Lexie Lothora (Technology Mastermind): mercenary/traps – Lexie and her twin brother Alexander were the golden children of the Lothora business empire. When her twin brother was killed, she was determined to do anything for revenge. She uses her family’s vast and hidden wealth to strike back at the world that took her brother away. It is believed she even shaved her head to better resemble her brother and is now seen in public wearing a very expensive wig. (Member: The Greatest Evil)

Champion Server – City of Villains

Wrathstrike (Technology Brute): electrical melee/fiery aura – A child orphaned by corrupt cops, he grows up obsessed with destroying all that is good in the world.

Sad Nice Guy (Natural Stalker): ninja blade/ ninjitsu – A really pathetic and lonely guy who has no life outside of the Internet. His only girlfriend is the kind you have to pay $9.95 a month just to get noticed. He was infatuated with J-Star until she hit him with a restraining order. He was kicked out of his mom’s basement and was forced to put his pathetic skills to use in the real world.

Toxic Primadonna (Science Mastermind): robot/poison – A spoiled pop princess who wasted her life in the limelight. She partied too hard and pissed off too many people. She still believes that she has legions of fans on her side when in fact she only has robotic fans, which she has to order. She also believes that she can do whatever she want to because she is a “celebrity”. It was that very attitude that sent her to the Zig for drunk driving. (Member: The Shadow Killers)

The Reverend NeoCon (Magic Mastermind): thugs/dark miasma – F. Sean Rush was a born-and-raised silver-spoon trust fund baby; spoiled to the core and he knew it. After the Rikti Invasion of 2002, he became known as THE leading religious neo-conservative on talk radio in the United States, mostly by adopting the strong xenophobic messages being spread by the Vanguard. Unfortunately his addiction to painkillers and “certain pleasures”, along with the fact that he wields dark magic, forced him to flee to the Rogue Isles, where he is working to rebuild his movement. It should be noted that the Reverend was NEVER convicted or sent to prison (no Jailbird badge on his record). He actually went to the Rogue Isles on his own accord. (Member: Faction for a Better Tomorrow)

Spartan Warlady (Natural Mastermind): ninjas/arrows – Not much is known about her except that she prides herself of being a warrior in the same tradition as the Spartans of old.

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