Some Quick Game Tip Resources

For those of you relatively new to CoX (or those who haven’t played in a while), I have a couple of website resources for you to check out.

First up is Mantid’s Animation Emote Guide. This is a GREAT place to get a complete list of all emote commands so you can make your character do really neat things while waiting around. Why just have them standing still when you can have them dance or flip a coin or sit down or play the drums? As of this blog post the page was updated to Issue 9 with some fresh emote commands. I don’t think they added any for Issue 10, especially since it’s the big Invasion upgrade. But this page not only has the commands but also visual examples what those commands do.

So what do you do with this? Well, rather than click the emote button in the chat window and scroll through the right commands, you can type it in directly, or you can use either a /bind or a /macro command to link certain emotes and actions together. This can be helpful if you want to impress other players or just cheese them off.

By the way, I’m including Mantid’s link in the CoX Links sidebar for all future reference.

Next up is GameAmp’s City of Heroes Game Tips and their City of Villains Game Tips. These two sites will give you some good hints at things that will help you finish your missions and stay alive.

Of course the real key place to visit for the latest info is Paragon Wiki. Wikipedia may have some bugs (not to mention ego-driven self-righteous editors), but the guys at Paragon Wiki do a pretty good job setting up an information resource site for CoX players. Next to the actual CoH and CoV websites, Paragon Wiki should be one of your frequently visited pages for the latest info on the CoX world, whether you’re a noob or a multi-50.

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