Issue 15 IS LIVE!

Issue 15: "Anniversary" is now LIVE!

Most of the major additions and changes have already been mentioned, including the return of the Reichsman, the evil Super-Nazi version of Statesman, the addition of all those new faces...

And two costume sets called "Ulterior" and "Vines".

The other big change? More costume change emotes! Yes you no longer have to buy Super Booster II to have a costume change emote to switch between two or more costume sets. Now EVERYONE can do it with the following options:

  • Backflip
  • Salute
  • Howl
  • Evil Laugh

Plus both Kheldian Warshades and Peacebringers will have their own exclusive CCE options. And if you are high enough to become part of the Vanguard you can have your own special Vanguard Sigil CCE if you collect 100 Vanguard Merits. (It won't be given to you automatically, though. You WILL have to craft it.)

Sorry, Bug-Soldiers of Arachnos, but you don't get your own exclusive CCE options right now. Sucks to be you!

Oh, and you won't be able to switch between costumes if you don't have at least two of them. To get an extra costume slot, you either have to get one by running an Icon mission at levels 20, 30, or 40, or by trading in four Halloween Costume trinkets.

Plus certain Icon employees, including Trina in Pocket D, will be given new job titles. Some Icon employees will be "Cosmetic Surgeons", and Trina will now be "Trina the Body Sculptress". Does this have to do with a future change in CCE commands? The Paragon Pundit is looking into this and will report on it when he hears something more.

Oh, the other thing that needs to be mentioned... as was warned, SEVERAL Mission Architect badges have now been REMOVED from use! The developers believe that multitude of badges created were encouraging players to create so-called "Meow Missions" just to collect them instead of spending time developing meaningful stories. The developers decided it was better to correct THEIR lack of foresight by just getting rid of the trophies. And they're going to better police against those "Meow Missions". (I just hope they don't declare "With Me - Against Me" to be one of them.)

One more thing...

Just like Super Booster II was released around the same time as Issue 14, heroes and villains should keep an eye out for Super Booster III. This one will be called "Super-Science". Pity, because I had suggested the next one be about SPORTS. Maybe that will become SB4? Stay tuned for further details.


My FIRST Mission Story

I have published my FIRST Mission Architect story.

"With Me - Against Me"
Story Arc #230667

Synopsis: U1trawoman from the world of deviantART has come to the City of Heroes/City of Villains looking for a challenge. In order to prove you are worthy, you need to be able to keep up with her.

First, you have to work WITH her on a mission. It's a simple run through a base, taking on corrupt cops, trying to find some incriminating information. If you can handle that challenge, then you get to work AGAINST her. You have to take on U1trawoman herself in a challenge of wits and fists. And she won't make it easy, because she will surround herself with all sorts of bad guys.

I had to get permission from U1trawoman's creator to use her creation in the game. She was originally designed to be a cameo appearance in a larger story arc, but the dreaded writer's block stopped that idea from moving forward. Frustrated in not being able to move forward with that, I developed this story as a way to get the ball rolling.

The story is morality-neutral, which means that both heroes and villains can take part in the missions, and a single player CAN make it through to the end, although the more players you bring in, the more of a challenge that will be out there for you to deal with.


First Mission Architect Referral

Okay, this is the first-ever Mission Architect referral, and I wouldn't give it out unless it was good, and this is.

The mission is called "Mercey Island Stimulus" (hopefully he'll fix the spelling)
Arc ID: 6969
by @Sacred Soul

This is a villain story for levels 1-54. It is one mission, with one custom boss and Longbow soldiers.

The general story is as follows: hard times are hitting everyone. Paragon City has imposed a new tax and are looking for means to pay for it. Mercy Island has started printing more money to stimulate the economy. Longbow wants it. The IRS has hired YOU to stop them and take the money, and also they want you to stop "Stimulus Spending", the power-mad politician eager to spend that money.

The Reverend NeoCon handled this mission and he reports that he was able to accomplish this relatively easily with the help of his loyal followers. He also said that the banter from the boss on how his spent-happy ways during the battle made it enjoyable, especially when his NeoCon followers took him down. Definitely a good mission to get used to MA play.


Issue 15 - Pre-loading NOW

It seems like it was just yesterday that Issue 14 went live, and now suddenly Issue 15 is being pre-loaded to all active "City Of" engines.

Actually it was just this past April that Issue 14 came out. The turnaround between issues is mind-boggling, but perhaps expected as the developers can work on their next big project - "Going Rogue".

"Issue 15: Anniversary" deals with the return of the 5th Column, the original continuation of Nazi Germany, as well as the return of the Freedom Phalanx's most dangerous enemy... the Reichsman, the alternate version of Statesman.

The Reichsman came from a world where Nazi Germany won World War II and came across to our world with the opening of the Portal Corporation in the 1990's. Defeated, the Reichsman was held in stasis in the Freedom Phalanx headquarters. Unfortunately the Freedom Phalanx HQ was in Baumton, and although the district was destroyed during the Rikti War, the building still stands, and it was only a matter of time before Reichsman would be freed.

But some of the other goodies coming out include more costume-change emotes (originally released with Super Booster: Magic), two new costume sets, and 24 new face models.

Ulterior Costume Set

Vines Costume Set

New i15 Faces

As with previous pre-loadings, please give several minutes of time for the game engine to finish. The pre-release will cut down on the future upgrade time.