Tales From Paragon City #4

The Dark Scandal Surrounding Wyvern Is Exposed!

For years, the privately-funded army called Wyvern has protected millionaires and billionaires and their family members from threats around the world. But they have also been waging a private war against the criminal empire known as Arachnos and their vice-grip hold of the Rogue Isles.

In 2005, this private war becomes public as Wyvern enacts a private blockade around the Isles in response to Arachnos trying to take over Paragon City earlier that year. What happens next has implications not only for Wyvern but also to a certain family whose name would become synonymous with disaster.

Special guest appearance by Sin Stalker of the "Justice Knights" series and also includes a follow-up story featuring a certain YouTube character.

For more about the "Tales from Paragon City" series, please visit it's NEW home at Battlerock Comics


A Special Holiday Present

As this is the Holiday Season, a season of giving... there is one last gift that I can give on Christmas Eve, and that is the news of one more City of Heroes comic release...

"Tales From Paragon City" #4 will have one last issue published on New Year's Eve that will feature a certain YouTube personality.

If the cover and start of the story should look a little familiar, it's because the first half of the story was originally published in the "City of Comic Creators Compendium".  But with the closing of City of Heroes MMO, the second half was never able to be told... until now.

The story will also include a special appearance by Sin Stalker of JKComics.com, as well as one more character that was promised but never could be seen in this series until now.  Better late than never, right?

"Tales From Paragon City" #4 will be online on 12/31.

Battlerock Comics Announced

Get Brutal Productions

Get Brutal Productions Announces Creation of Battlerock Comics

Georgia - December 24, 2012 - Get Brutal Productions, a one-man production company designed to highlight various multimedia services, has announced the creation of a subsidiary production group specifically designed for fan-made comic books.

Battlerock Comics will service as an online center for all comics published by Get Brutal Productions.   This will encompass both the comics previously published by writer/creator David 2 and the new comics that will be released in 2013.

Writer/Creator David 2 began work with online comics in 2009 with “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight”, a regular fan-made not-for-profit series that used characters created in the “City of Heroes” Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game owned by NCSoft.  Eventually three regular series were created using characters in the “City of Heroes” game, including “Spotlight”, “Tales from Paragon City”, and “The Guardian Powers”.  David 2 also worked with other fan-made comic artists on several projects, including creating stories and cover designs to the “City of Comic Creators Compendium” series, and a comical “video-comic” series on YouTube called “Ask Captain Catastrophe”.

The first series under the Battlerock Comics title will be “Future’s Guardian”, another regular fan-made not-for-profit series that uses characters in the “Champions Online” MMORPG as provided by Perfect World Entertainment.  The series follows from an earlier series published online in 2011 called “The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future”, which will end with its fourth issue to transition the characters over to the new series.

David 2 points out that online comic series provide a way for fans of comic books to appreciate the world of online multiplayer gaming and even encourages readers to participate.

“Fan-made comics give the MMO providers something they otherwise would never have,” he said, “and that is free advertising for their game.  Traditionally they would have to work with established comic book publishers like Dark Horse or Image Comics, and their representations would barely match the detail in the MMO itself.  With fan-made comics, readers see the issue, they see the images from the game, the detail of the characters in that game, they realize that this is an environment that they can interact in themselves, and they see all of the references to the game itself, namely where they can find it.”

Battlerock Comics can be found at http://battlerockcomics.wordpress.com


Good Night Paragon City!

December 1st marks the end of City of Heroes MMO.

For Colonel John Battlerock, aka Battlerock X, the character for whom this blog site was created, his final battle on this day was against the Rikti, the very monsters that nearly deprived him of his life ten years ago. A fitting way to end his story, overcoming his greatest threat and still standing.

Thank you to those of you who have enjoyed the entries, articles, images, videos, and reviews. This will not be the last entry, there will be more to come, but for now it is time for this old soldier to stand down and go home.