T’Vrg: Assault on Atlas Park

The following is T’Vrg’s account of a recent Rikti incursion into Atlas Park. T’Vrg is a relatively new electrical/electrical cybernetic citizen of Paragon City. This should give you a feel of what Rikti combat is like outside of the Rikti Warzone.

I had just upgraded my systems to security level six and was preparing to depart to regenerate when the alert was issued for Atlas Park. The sky above turned yellowish brown. There was a broadcast message about forming an invasion team. I had never participated in an invasion team before, so I acknowledged the message and became part of an eight-person team.

The bulk of our team along with several other operatives gathered around Ms. Liberty. Many of the participants began giving us additional powers. There was much discussion of other people wanting to be part of an invasion team, but unfortunately we were at our eight-person maximum.

A few minutes later, the first Rikti soldiers arrived. My powers are electrical-based, so I charged up my lightning field and targeted the first soldier in my area. It was quickly defeated, though obviously not from my own assault. Soon other soldiers appeared along with drones. It is hard to describe what was happening because there were many people in one area, each using their own powers to defeat arriving Rikti soldiers.

At some point I lost power and was defeated. I teleported to the hospital for a quick recovery and then hurried back to the battle, although my progress was slowed by the sheer volume of Rikti participants.

When I returned to the battle, other participants were using their healing powers to sustain the health levels of all participants. No doubt if this was employed during the first part of the battle I would not have been defeated. Again, I charged my lightning field and began attacking any Rikti operative in my visual range.

Soon the number of Rikti operatives began to diminish. The skies cleared and the all-clear alert was sounded that the Rikti had retreated from Atlas Park. Our team quickly dissolved and I returned to my regeneration chamber.

My observation of the battle is that although the Rikti were defeated through large numbers, it was also difficult to see any kind of progress because of the large volumes of operatives and powers in use.

The one thing to keep an eye on while engaged in combat is your endurance levels. Although nearby healers can keep your health levels high, repeated use of your powers will deplete your endurance. If those levels are down to zero, any sustaining power you may have running, such as my lightning field, will shut down. You should disengage your sprint power while in combat to help conserve endurance. Also if you are near someone selling inspirations, be sure to buy several “catch a breath” inspirations to replenish your endurance in battle.

In a group setting, do not stray too far from a healer. I suspect that my defeat in battle was either because the nearby healers did not continue to maintain our health levels or because they moved away from the area of battle. This is why team activity is important in such a situation as a healer can spend their time using their power in a support capacity and still receive the benefits of battle.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest if you are participating in repelling an invasion that you do so in a team environment. Also be sure to go into it prepared. It is a very illogical and confusing experience for all participants.

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