Captain Catastrophe in the City of rejeX

Captain Catastrophe makes a brief cameo appearance in SupaNerd's "City of rejeX" series.

Will the team-killer be able to help SupaStar? You'll just have to find out!


Samuraiko Strikes Again!

Michelle/Dark Respite/Samuraiko has done another great music video, proving once again that City of Heroes RULES over the hero competition!


Kudos to the Guardians

Kudos goes to the Guardians of the Dawn for being featured on the main page of the City of Comic Creators Wikipedia.

If you haven't gotten a chance yet, be sure to visit the CCC website to visit the various other artists and check out the Compendium issues.


Happy Holidays from the Chronicles

This time around it's the Guardians of the Dawn that get to give the Seasons Greetings.
(Click on the link and you'll be able to view the full-sized version - it makes for a nice wallpaper.)

May you get everything that you desire or deserve.


Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #5

Guardians of the Dawn Issue #5 is now online.

(Clicking on the image will download the file - PDF format only)

And for more on this issue, along with access to the special Wiki entry, visit the official Guardians of the Dawn website.


Rikti Monkeys Cause Winter Chaos

The Rikti Monkeys, known scourges to the various City of Heroes universes, have decided to give a seasonal BAH HUMBUG by causing still more chaos to the universes designated "Justice", "Guardian", and "Virtue".

Although the all-mighty Developers have said they have fixed it, the Rikti troublemakers will no doubt try again. Simply because... they can.

"HA-HA! We have struck again!"
"So what do we do now?"
"Hey, how about some holiday Rikti songs?"
"I wanna do the BOOM-DE-YADA song!"
"Dude, Boom De Yada is not a holiday Rikti song."
"Yeah, but we were in the video!"
"No we weren't! Those were those normal monkeys. We're ENHANCED!"
"Yeah! We smell worse!"
"Dude, don't go there again..."
"Too late, dude!"
"Hey, you know something? It just occurred to me... Rikti don't celebrate the Holidays!"
"That's right! We don't!"
"What? You mean we don't get Santa or the presents or... anything?"
"No, dude, we just get your stinky Rikti chili farts!"
"Dude, I told you don't go there again."
"That's not fair! We want a Holiday too!"
"Yeah, this must be a Nemesis Plot!"
"Dude, everything is a Nemesis Plot."
"Hey, can we make 'Boom De Yada' our Holiday song since we don't have one?"
"Boom de Yada, Boom de Yada..."
"That's it, I'm getting some more Rikti chili!"
"Dude, that one's gonna leave a trail..."


Winter Event 2009 AND FREE Character Transfers!

Happy Holidays from the City of Heroes!

And for once the Heroes and Villains have something to crow about this time of the year!

For starters the 2009 Winter Event has begun, and it starts with a couple of presents. Badges, fuzzy earmuffs, a present to give and a present for yourself. All the usual niceties from Winters not-long ago. The candy canes, the mystery gifts scattered all over Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, the Ski Chalet in Pocket D, saving Baby New Year from the red caps, the optional Halo package (only for those who can use auras, though), you can even chuck snowballs during this time!

This time around, though, you get someone different. Yes, the Winter Lord - the Giant Snow-Monster - will be back, but did you know he had a boss? Yes, if you defeat the Winter Lord, you and everyone in your group will then get to take on LORD WINTER!

Sound fun? Well enjoy it while you can because this festive event goes from December 15th 2009 to January 5th, 2010.

The second seasonal surprise from the all-mighty gods of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles is just as good.


No, this isn't a joke.

Let's suppose you have a hero in one server universe that you want to move to another one. Normally that would cost you some real-time money. But now for the rest of December and all through January of 2010, you can move that hero or villain to any other server FOR FREE.

There ARE some limitations to this. There is a cap to the number of times you can transfer a character, and they will lose access to all supergroup allegiances, so be very careful about this process.

This offer only lasts from December 15th, 2009 until January 31st, 2010, and then after that it will once again cost you some real-time monies.

So what are you waiting for?

Last one down the slopes is a melted Frostling!

CCC #4 is online

The City of Comic Creators (of which I am a recent member of) has just released its fourth Compendium issue.

Although none of my creations are in this issue, I did have some input in the cover design, so I hope you enjoy the material from my fellow creators.


New "Boom De Yada" Video

The Discovery Channel discovered that people liked the "Boom De Yada" song, so they made a new one.

The guy who came up with the original CoH version of "Boom De Yada" video then created a new one to go with the new song.

Take THAT Champions!


Battlerock X’s Omega Team Letter

On November 27th, 2009, the Omega Team Time Capsule was opened. Inside were letters and mementos left behind by the fifty heroes that volunteered to give their lives to end the Rikti invasion once and for all. Most were letters. Some left heirlooms and keepsakes. One left an insurance policy for his goldfish.

Of the fifty, so far only four survived. Ajax was left in a coma by the Rikti before he could make it through the portal. Glacia and Infernia survived and made back through a Rikti transport. Another was Battlerock X, also known as Colonel John Helix Battlerock, who was badly damaged in the attack and suffered from amnesia for five years before the shock of the 2007 Invasion restored some of his memories.

The following is the letter he wrote for the Time Capsule.

To my beautiful daughter Joan,

I’m sorry that I may have to break the promise I made to you. I know I promised to come back, that I wouldn’t be going through with the others, but sometimes things don’t work out the way we want to.

I know that even as I go into battle for what may be my last time, our family will go on. The spirits of our ancestors live on through me and through you. When I fight, I fight with the spirits of all that came before us, and should you choose to follow the same path, you will fight with my spirit.

I have been proud of the daughter you have been and I will continue to be proud of you as you grow, even if that pride will only be in spirit.

To my darling wife Brittany,

I would love to be there with you as you read this letter. To stand there with our daughter as we remember those who could not be there with you. But I fear that I may not be there with you after all.

We both know that this day could come. Your Longbow training and my years in the service tried to prepare us for this possibility, but I don’t know if any amount of training can prepare you for the actual loss.

I face my enemy knowing that you and our daughter will be safe. I go to war knowing that you will raise our daughter to follow us in the way you know best. You know what to do if I am not here for that time when Joan chooses to follow in my path. I have always known you are not comfortable with the path of the Battlerock Warrior, but once she becomes an adult it will be her choice to make, just like it was for me and for my father and all those before us. I just hope that you will be there for her when she needs it in whatever choice she makes just as you were for me when I needed it.

Even if I am not there with you in body, I will be there in spirit, watching over you both. You are my anchor, B. You always have been and I love you for it, and I hope you will keep our daughter anchored as well.

Love always,

John Battlerock