Reverend Neo-Con: Palin Visit Cost RI

Reverend Neo-Con Says GOP Visit Cost Race

Normally a visit from a presidential candidate or their running mate would help voter support. But one neo-conservative said that a recent visit by the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate may have cost their party the White House.

Neo-conservative commentator F. Sean Rush, otherwise known on the airwaves as the Reverend Neo-Con, said that a recent appearance by Alaska’s Governor and GOP running mate Sarah Palin in the Rogue Isles actually served as a detriment to supporters.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Governor Palin’s visit cost the GOP a victory in Rhode Island,” said the controversial talk show host. “She didn’t have to be in the Rogue Isles. She should have instead been in Paragon City helping to secure the vote for her party.”

Governor Palin was spotted in Cap Au Diable just three days prior to elections, and while campaign officials refused to publicly disclose why she was in the Rogue Isles, sources close to the campaign said that Palin was trying to appeal to the untold hundreds of US citizens exiled to the island to encourage them to either return to the United States to vote, or to vote through absentee ballot.

Reverend Neo-Con, a self-exiled US citizen, says that Palin’s visit came too late to help her party.

“You don’t show up just a week before the election and tell my fellow exiles that they need to make arrangements for absentee ballots or to find some why to go back to the United States to vote. This is something that you do in September, like the Democrats did, or early October. Not a week before the election.”

The reverend referred to the visit to Paragon City by Senator Barack Obama on September 8th as an example of how to handle an unscheduled event. The Democratic presidential candidate spent much of his time in Atlas Park handing out free health power to everyone in attendance as part of support for universal health care, resulting in a five-percent increase in voter support for the city according to polls.

Derek Amberson, a strategist for Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence (ELITE) in Galaxy City, says that the kind of coordination needed to bring exiled voters over from the Rogue Isles would take weeks if not months.

“The system that has been set up by criminal operations like Arachnos to bring people over to Paragon City can only handle a small group of people. We’re talking eight or ten at most, not counting support staff. To bring in any more could be seen and treated as a foreign invasion, and that’s not the kind of confrontation that the Rogue Isles can afford to make; and certainly not just to get people over so they can vote.”

Amberson added that those voters that are in exile, such as Reverend Neo-Con, would not want to return to the United States just to vote.

“Bear in mind that many of the people living in exile in the Rogue Isles are there for a reason. Some of them have been indicted or are facing indictment for various crimes. Others are convicted felons that have escaped prison, and as such cannot vote even if they wanted to. I don’t see them risking everything just to vote in an election, especially since they already risked everything just to get out of the country.”

Rhode Island voters overwhelmingly supported President-Elect Obama on Election Day over Senator John McCain by a margin of over thirty percent. Paragon City officials believe that support was even stronger for the president-elect following reports of Governor Palin’s visit to the Rogue Isles.