Issue 15 - Pre-loading NOW

It seems like it was just yesterday that Issue 14 went live, and now suddenly Issue 15 is being pre-loaded to all active "City Of" engines.

Actually it was just this past April that Issue 14 came out. The turnaround between issues is mind-boggling, but perhaps expected as the developers can work on their next big project - "Going Rogue".

"Issue 15: Anniversary" deals with the return of the 5th Column, the original continuation of Nazi Germany, as well as the return of the Freedom Phalanx's most dangerous enemy... the Reichsman, the alternate version of Statesman.

The Reichsman came from a world where Nazi Germany won World War II and came across to our world with the opening of the Portal Corporation in the 1990's. Defeated, the Reichsman was held in stasis in the Freedom Phalanx headquarters. Unfortunately the Freedom Phalanx HQ was in Baumton, and although the district was destroyed during the Rikti War, the building still stands, and it was only a matter of time before Reichsman would be freed.

But some of the other goodies coming out include more costume-change emotes (originally released with Super Booster: Magic), two new costume sets, and 24 new face models.

Ulterior Costume Set

Vines Costume Set

New i15 Faces

As with previous pre-loadings, please give several minutes of time for the game engine to finish. The pre-release will cut down on the future upgrade time.

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