First Mission Architect Referral

Okay, this is the first-ever Mission Architect referral, and I wouldn't give it out unless it was good, and this is.

The mission is called "Mercey Island Stimulus" (hopefully he'll fix the spelling)
Arc ID: 6969
by @Sacred Soul

This is a villain story for levels 1-54. It is one mission, with one custom boss and Longbow soldiers.

The general story is as follows: hard times are hitting everyone. Paragon City has imposed a new tax and are looking for means to pay for it. Mercy Island has started printing more money to stimulate the economy. Longbow wants it. The IRS has hired YOU to stop them and take the money, and also they want you to stop "Stimulus Spending", the power-mad politician eager to spend that money.

The Reverend NeoCon handled this mission and he reports that he was able to accomplish this relatively easily with the help of his loyal followers. He also said that the banter from the boss on how his spent-happy ways during the battle made it enjoyable, especially when his NeoCon followers took him down. Definitely a good mission to get used to MA play.

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