Super Booster Pack II announced

The hits just keep on coming from NCSoft for both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Fresh from the release of "Issue 14: Architect", we now have news on the newest Super Booster Pack.

The previous SBP was "Cyborg" and gave specific costume themes, emotes, and a special "Self-Destruct" power.

This one, however, will top it.

"Super Booster II: Magic" will be available on April 14th 2009. This is an in-game booster pack that will give players magic-themed goodies.

Hats, chest, pants, gloves, boots, and magic robe pieces for women. Hats, hood, skull mask, wizard beard, high collar cape mantle, boots, and jackets for men.

And here I thought the wedding pack lingerie was hot!

Then add to that...
Mystic Fortune Power:
Ever wanted to have your fortune read in game? With the Mystic Fortune power players will be able to offer to read each other’s fortunes. Having your fortune read gives a power buff based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and can give a positive or negative effect on that character for the next 20 minutes.

And then the BEST add-on...

Costume Change Emotes:
Characters with multiple costume slots unlocked will also have an exciting new way of customizing their characters; costume change emotes! Super Booster II: Magic includes 4 costume change emotes these emotes activate when characters switch their costumes, and are selectable in the costume change interface.

Heroes and Villains add new costume slots at levels 20, 30, or 40... OR by earning one by getting all four special Halloween Costume pieces and delivering them to a special witch either in Croatoa (Heroes) or Nerva Archipelago (Villains). You have to have more than one costume slot for this ability to be activated.

This is one of the most requested add-ons, so if you're a serious game-player, you NEED to have this!

"SBP2: Magic" can be bought online at the NCSoft store or it comes free with the purchase of "City of Heroes: Architect Edition" (Coming soon!)

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