i14 Live Date Announced!

Paragon City and Rogue Island residents take heed! The tentative release date for Issue 14: Architect has been given!

CoH/CoV message board administrator Ex Libris provided the tentative live date while informing members of one of the key features in I14, namely the new "Super Leader" position for supergroups.

Issue 14: Architect is expected to go live on Wed April 8th.(This date is subject to change up to and including the last possible second).

The position "Super Leader" gives more player control over a supergroup, as there can be only one "Super Leader" at any given time, while normal leadership positions can be shared. This will be an automatic assignment, with the position going to the last "Leader" in that rank to log out when it goes live, but it can be passed over to another leader.

Current leaders in the Chronicles expected to be promoted (by server, blue = hero, red=villain):

Omega 2 (Justice - blue): Battlerock X
LexieTech Incorporated (Justice - red): Lexie Lothora
Scorned by Fate (Champion - red): Sad Nice Guy
Faction for a Better Tomorrow (Champion - red): Reverend NeoCon
Noble Champions (Champion - blue): Thunderwrath
Guardians of the Dawn (Guardian - blue): Captain Paragonna
Libra Order (Virtue - red): Tainted Eve

For more information about Issue 14, visit the Paragon Wiki site.

And stay tuned for news of the first mission arc of the Chronicles -
"The Legacy of Battlerock X"

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