Issue 14 teaser

With Issue 14 on the horizon, here is a teaser of what to expect.

And yes, I COULD have used the video supplied by NC Soft... except that Captain Amazing reminds me too much of Captain Catastrophe. Plus Samuraiko is a class act and she does a kick-Rikti job with these things!

Why NC Soft hasn't picked her up on retainer is a mystery for everyone.


Anonymous said...

As for why NCNC hasn't put me on retainer yet, short answer... I'm not good enough for them. :( At least the player base likes my work.

David 2 said...

Sounds vaguely familiar... although I think it's probably their employer firewall doing the talking. I have really learned to hate those employer firewalls.

I'm really surprised they snubbed you, though. ME, I can understand. I only have talent. You have talent AND skills and you have plenty of people that can back you up on that, not to mention gigabytes of proven examples online.

NCNC is certainly doing themselves a huge disservice by not bringing you on board. You have talent and skills and if there is any way we can bypass that firewall I'm sure they'll realize it. You are the best asset CoH/CoV can ever have.