Issue 14 - pre-loading now

NCSoft officials have announced that Issue 14 is being pre-loaded to all existing accounts.

What that means is that the bulk of the software changes for Issue 14 are being loaded to all computers now rather than when it goes live... which should be in just a few weeks.

Issue 14 is still in open beta-testing, still getting as many bugs out as possible.

NCSoft officials do this because it cuts down on the loading time for gameplay, so once they do decide to go live with the issue all they have to do is send a code to activate the new features.

The pre-loading takes place automatically after you finish your game and quit. Hopefully your computer will not crash during that time, but if it does you can hit the "Verify Image" button once you start the game again.

Pre-load takes time, so please do not be in a rush to shut down your computer once you see the automatic update kick in.

Paragon Wiki has the skinny on the changes being brought in with Issue 14 besides the much-celebrated Mission Architect, including the infamous BUTTCAPES! (Not a rumor, not vaporware, for real!)

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