Battlerock X: Journal Entry 20120428

An intelligence report that was intercepted confirmed my fears of something bad coming soon.


Bad enough that we are still recovering from the destruction of Galaxy City. Bad enough that we are still mourning the deaths of Statesman, Miss Liberty, and Sister Psyche. Bad enough that we are still facing threats from the Praetorian Universe. Now Nemesis has to stick his ancient rusted armor back up.

My memory is still a bit foggy of those pre-Rikti days, but I seem to recall that Nemesis has always been more talk than threat. He relies on automation, creating tin soldiers instead of recruiting people to carry out his delusional fantasy of world domination. He lives on manipulation and misdirection. Just when you think you have him, you discover it’s just another one of his replicas.

Still, after all that has happened, we should take even his threats seriously.

I pulled out my old outfit from my so-called “hero” days. It’s time to stop hiding. The tights still fit, but it took a bit to remember working with the metal skulls on my shoulder.

The Tenth-Generation Battlerock Warrior is no longer hiding. Battlerock X and the rest of Paragon City are ready for whatever Nemesis can come up with.

(A special 8th Anniversary tribute to NCSoft, Paragon Studios, and City of Heroes Freedom.)

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