Time to Fling into Spring!

Love is in the air once again, and you know what that means, don't you?

Yes, it's time for the Spring Fling! A time for heroes, villains, rogues, and vigilantes come together to share the love and dish out some pain.

This year, along with the returning Eros, Ganymede, Scratch, Chilly, Dram, and, of course, Snaptooth (who loves to get beat-up), there are some new missions to partake in.

Participants with a security level 30 or higher have a new mission involving the Red Widow, the long-deceased love of Lord Recluse! Plus DJ Zero, the owner of the Pocket D Nightclub, has a brand new mission for certain eligible people. Are you willing to deliver some lost Valentine letters? Or maybe break a few hearts and send them elsewhere?

Why do it? Well you can get some really neat items. You can boost your abilities or hinder your enemies with new mystical arrows, or you can unlock some great Greek-inspired items such as togas and sandals that you can use any day of the year.

If you want to partake in the fun, you better be quick about it. The Spring Fling only lasts from February 8th to February 27th.

Speaking of Pocket D... now is also the perfect time to get some new party clothes!

The Paragon Market is now offering a special Pocket D Valentine's Pack, giving you access not only to the latest fashion designs for the socially conscious, but also gives you the coveted Pocket D VIP Pass!

This pass will give you a special Pocket D teleporter that will take you to the Tiki Lounge, an exclusive area of the club that has its own bartenders and its own tailor, Trina the Body Sculptress (as seen in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight"). Good, evil, even Praetorians can use this special teleport device. This is not something you want to pass up on!

Hurry, though. This offer will only last until March 6th.

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