Spring Fling Is Back!

It may be February, but Spring Fever is in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles!

The annual Spring Fling Celebration will begin starting February 9th, and will last until March 2nd (barring, of course, Rikti Monkey meddling as with previous events).

The party begins, as usual, with DJ Zero in the Pocket D nightclub, where Heroes and Villains are encouraged to work together to resolve a series of challenges that only heroes and villains can do together.

You complete the preliminary tasks and DJ Zero will have you go out on a special mission to thwart Snaptooth, who is STILL carrying a grudge after the whole "Baby New Year" thing. (Although if you read "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #6 you'd find Snaptooth being just a little TOO eager to get his butt kicked.)

Defeat him and you get the usual party items... Greek clothes, medium inspirations, heart-shaped costume pieces, some extra goodies. It's a great way to work with both heroes and villains, especially since you'll probably be seeing more of them in your neck of the woods when Going Rogue comes out!

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