Paragon Studios has announced its latest expansion project since its formation a few weeks ago.

City of Heroes - Going ROGUE

Once upon a time it used to be simple. There were heroes and there were villains.

But with the merging of City of Heroes and City of Villains into one game system and the introduction of cooperative missions and cooperative zones, the lines between good and bad have begun to blur. What was once black-and-white now had shades of gray mixed in.

Going Rogue introduces all new shades of gray.

Going Rogue allows heroes and villains to cross over from traditional lines, to become rogue operatives. Now their alliances will be determined by their actions. Heroes can become Rogue Isle villains, and villains can redeem themselves and stay in Paragon City as heroes.

Going Rogue will revisit the Praetorian Earth, where Marcus Cole did not become the hero Statesman, but instead used his powers to become the dictator Tyrant and rules the world with an iron fist. Going Rogue will bring Tyrant's world into prominence instead of being just a high-level mission.

Going Rogue will also introduce two key characters who play a key role in the redemption or corruption of a character. Maelstrom is a gun-wielding hero gone bad. He is seen at Tyrant's side. Desdemona is villain who has redeemed herself. She is seen with Statesman observing the Praetorian Paragon City. Desdemona's powers, described as "demon-summoning", are quite possibly a new powerset for characters.

The ability to straddle the line between good and bad is something that has been long anticipated and requested in the "City Of" MMO for many years now, and could very well redefine MMO playing as much as the Mission Architect system.

Visit the official Going Rogue website for the teaser video and to sign up for future updates. And visit the FAQ page for more details.

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