Love Hurts... again!

It's time for the Spring Fling here in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Although there won't be any superstar weddings like last year's marriage between Manticore and Sister Psyche, Ganymede, emissary of the god Eros, has returned to invite heroes and villains to take part in some more co-operative fun.

Heroes and Villains must complete a two-part task, with the second one REQUIRING either a hero or a villain (depending on your contact) to finish it. Once done, DJ Zero will have one more mission for you to take part in, and yes it does involve that eternal buzzkill, Snaptooth! But you can get all sorts of good seasonal presents, including Greek togas, sandals, laurel wreaths... and some tacky heart-shaped bodysuits. (Personally the bridal version look better... on the women of course.)

Once again this is a limited deal, so don't sit around and miss out on it.

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