Battlerock X: Journal Entry 20090126

I’m using my down time to put together some of my thoughts of my most recent missions.

I had just finished a team mission with some people on Talos Island when I was surrounded by Rikti forces. Apparently we missed out on getting the warning because we were in the sewer. I fought off the swarm of soldiers and was trying to get to the rally point when I was taken down by a passing swarm of Rikti drop ships.

I had NEVER seen so many drop ships at any one time! It was almost as though the Rikti were carrying out their November offensive.

As I left the hospital, I was greeted by a whole caravan of drop ships, one after another after another, right outside of the hospital door and thirty feet off the street. Rage got the better of me, and I had charged up and attacked the closest ship with everything I had. I knew it was a futile gesture, but it was one that I had to make anyway. This metal plate on my face is not for decoration.

I knew at best I would get in maybe two or three good punches before the drop ship weapons send me back to the hospital, and that’s pretty much what happened. But as I exited the medical teleporter, the whole hospital started shaking! I had apparently knocked the drop ship into the hospital and it could not free itself. It was difficult getting to the ground floor so I could give it another attack. The whole building was shaking violently.

Just as I exited the hospital I got a new tactical team message.

“Drop ship has been destroyed.”

HTML clipboard

I could not believe it. I had single-handedly taken down a Rikti drop ship… with the help of a building.

Obviously if this was planned I would have used some OTHER building. I had no intention of putting a hospital in harm’s way. Fortunately there was no loss of life, most of the hospital staff and patients were already moved to the basement shelter, and the damage to the building itself was negligible.

Still, given the fact that it normally takes a whole team of heroes at level 50 to bring down one of these ships, this is an incredible moral victory to know that I could do it at level 24.

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