Cyborg Super-Booster Packs Available!

For years cybernetic beings have been among us, either as modified humans or modified creatures. But their uniqueness has often been either bulky exoskeletons, cold mechanical limbs, or else hidden underneath a layer of skin. There’s no real merging of flesh and technology… either it’s visible and ugly, or it’s hidden.

Thanks to recent advances, though, the merging of tech and flesh to create a true cybernetic harmony is possible.

For a minor upgrade cost, all Paragon City heroes can upgrade to include cybernetic parts and abilities, including three special cybernetic emotes, four special combat auras (for those qualified for auras), and a unique power of self-destruct. Obviously this is a weapon of last-resort, but when engaged you also get to take out anyone within forty feet of you. (Don’t worry, there’s nothing that medical science can’t fix at either your local hospital or supergroup base.)

It should be pointed out that just like many other good things, the villains in the Rogue Isles have also managed to acquire this upgrade as well.

The upgrade cost is nominal when you consider that once the upgrade is made it can apply to ALL heroes (and villains) immediately… although the auras and cybernetic parts will require a trip to the nearest tailor.

So if you have a thing for the “Governator” look, click on the image below and upgrade your access.


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