Tale of Halloween Glory (as told by Spartan Warlady)

The following is the recent account of Spartan Warlady’s quest to get the extra costume slot during the 2007 Halloween Event. At the time of this entry, she was a level 8 mastermind (ninjas/trick arrows) with 2 “Spartans” at her disposal.

My loyal Spartan warriors informed me that there was a prime opportunity for glory in the form of an extra costume change. Normally we Spartans do not care about such frivolities. To do battle against an opponent and die with honor is reward in and of itself, and this season called “Halloween” produced many such battles. But then my warriors told me that this glory would require us to travel deep into the Rogue Isles, into lands never before touched by Spartan Warriors since the days of noble Lord Marshand, and locate an old oracle named Granny Bedlam that would not be easily found.

This kind of challenge, facing off against powerful adversaries, and travelling deep into Arachnos territory, is worth the glory it brings.

Before we could make the journey, however, we needed some items to bribe this oracle. Oracles are always strange, and this one was no different. She required some useless junk called “Halloween costume pieces”. I am told that these are cheap representations of the masks of Statesman and Lord Recluse, the gloves of Back Alley Brawler, and the representation of a monster named Hamidon. We Spartans do not care for such junk. We would rather display the real items after we acquire them through defeating these warriors and monsters in battle. But this oracle deems them worthy, as do many others, and therefore we must have them to make our quest.

My warriors told me that we only had three of such items, and one that was spare. Although I dislike the market, time was not our ally. It would be a long journey and we did not have enough time to make it unless we had that fourth item. We sold the spare for a hefty price and then quickly purchased the fourth item. With all four items in our care, we began our journey.

We travelled by boat to Port Oaks. From there we took the waterways and rocks to the next boat to Cap Au Diable. From here, the journey became more perilous. We would have to travel deep within the island to reach the Rogue Island Ferry. There were water passages that we took which allowed us to avoid several of the adversaries, but we still had to face combat. My warriors died in battle as I acquired others to join in my quest.

Finally we reached Nerva Archipelago. My warriors told me that this oracle lived on a small island north of Arbiter Frederick. Many of my loyal Spartan warriors died in battle against the dreaded Family, and I was defeated alongside them, only to be granted another chance by the gods to fight and finish my quest.

To travel by land from the hospital was also perilous as I faced not just one but SEVERAL warring enemies. Enemies whose attentions quickly turned to me and my Spartan warriors as we approached. Once again we fell bravely in battle only to be returned by the gods.

Again I made my trek, this time using the special winged chariot provided by the gods to get me closer to the Arbiter, only to once again fall in battle. But the gods were not through with me, and I returned to battle again.

Finally I discovered a small water passageway that went between the warring factions. By the grace of Neptune, I somehow found myself not only beyond the threats, but also north of the Arbiter, with the small islands ahead of me. The smaller of the two islands was empty. But on the second island, I soon found the oracle’s lair. She was a bothersome witch who barely acknowledged the courage of such a low-level warrior to make the journey. She only cared for the worthless junk, which we gave her. She gave me the costume slot and told me “begone”.

The sight of such callousness was more than reason for me to make a quick return, but not before visiting the face-maker to change my attire to one worthy of the gods. But this Granny Bedlam had best change her attitude when we next meet, or she will find that Spartans are not above teaching humility to oracles. We have felled messengers; we have felled kings, monsters, and even corrupt politicians in our own camps. Oracles are no different to us Spartans.

We Spartans know that true glory comes from achievement, not in trinkets, but for this season, I can at least boast that we indeed had some tales of glory, and can prove it by my new attire.

Above: Original attire before the quest. Below: New attire after the quest.

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